Dr. Kim Wojcik, D.C. has been studying health, wellness and nutrition for many years.  She applies her extensive knowledge base to help her patients feel better, by guiding them to their functional wellness.  Dr. Wojcik is a New Jersey native and grew up in Toms River, NJ.  She studied Nutrition & Biology at Rutgers University/Cook College and graduated with high honors...

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Chiropractic Care

Applied Kinesiology

Clinical Nutrition

Kinesio Taping

Physical Modalities

Corrective Exercises

Lifestyle Advice


The philosophy of the office is to treat  you in a holistic manner to assist  you in achieving your  

optimal health.  Health is a triad composed of structural components, chemical/nutritional components and emotional/mental aspects.  

An imbalance of any or all of these aspects upsets your state of well- being or optimal health.  

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